Back Surgery

Back Surgery in Milford, CT

Back pain can be excruciating and when conservative methods just don’t seem to work, you might find yourself looking for other solutions. You may not realize it, but often the best expert to turn to for issues with your back or spine might be a neurosurgeon. Often, when you think of neurosurgeons, you think of the brain, but they can assist with so much more than you even realize. When you might need to look into the option of back surgery, our neurosurgeon can explain the process and what you might need to expect.

Relieving Your Pain with Back Surgery

Neurosurgery is about more than just focusing on the brain. Your neurosurgeon is also dedicated to helping relieve serious back pain that you might be dealing with. Your neurosurgeon is able to specialize in every area of the nervous system. This helps especially when you’re dealing with back pain that might be causing pain elsewhere in your body as well.

Because of advances in technology, your neurosurgeon will likely be able to perform a more minimally invasive surgery, which means smaller incisions. Because of this, it’s likely that you can expect a quicker recovery time as well. Your neurosurgeon will assess your situation and discover what procedure would be best for you. They can help target specific symptoms to understand exactly what might be wrong and what you might be dealing with.

Once the surgery is complete, it’s crucial that you follow any recovery instructions given to you by your neurosurgeon. Once you begin to recover, you should start feeling relief from your back pain and you’ll slowly be able to get back to your everyday life.

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