Neck Surgery

Neck Surgery in Milford, CT

Neck pain is a common issue and when it hinders you from enjoying your life, it might be time to consider other treatment options. If you’re dealing with untreated neck pain, you might find that you struggle with constant migraines and other pain that stems from your neck issues. When dealing with this pain, your neurosurgeon might suggest considering neck surgery to help treat your problems and help you start feeling less pain throughout your life.

Dealing with Neck Pain Through Neck Surgery

Neck surgery is usually a last resort if more conservative options don’t seem to help ease your pain. Neck pain could cause further issues like loss of sensation or function in the arms. When you’re dealing with these issues, your neurosurgeon will likely recommend surgery as soon as possible.

When looking into neck surgery, your neurosurgeon will lay out all of your options. Different surgeries will help target different issues and it’ll depend on your specific situation. One of the most common types of neck surgery is anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. This treatment involves removing the spinal disc that causes pain and then fusing a bone graft with the areas above and below.

Other neck surgery options include spinal decompression surgery and cervical disc replacement. After neck surgery is completed, your neurosurgeon will help you with your recovery. It’s important to avoid heavy lifting or bending the neck for up to eight weeks. As you begin to recover, you’ll slowly be able to return to your daily life and enjoy your favorite activities without the risk of severe pain.

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