Dr. Yanamadala in the Media

Revolutionary Cutting Edge Spine Surgery

Dr. Yanamadala is at the forefront of breakthroughs in spine surgery. Among his accomplishments include being the one of the first surgeons in the tristate area and New England to perform awake spine fusion surgery and the second surgeon in the world (first surgeon in the Eastern United States) to perform patient specific spinal interbody fusion. His advancements have been covered in the media. Please see below for some of the coverage of his cutting edge practice.

Improving The Safety of Spine Surgery: Awake Spine Surgery


August 2021
Dr. Yanamadala performed awake spinal fusion surgery for 82 year old Ms. Edith Gooch. This technique allows patients to have surgery while avoiding general endotracheal intubation. Patients undergo spinal anesthesia which permits a pain free surgery without general anesthesia.

Revolutionary New Techniques to Reduce Complications


July 2021
Dr. Yanamadala became the first surgeon in the Eastern United States and Second in the World to use a patient specific interbody fusion device. This gentleman who had multiple previous lumbar spine surgeries was told he would live with leg pain the rest of his life. He has had complete resolution of his leg pain.

Advancing Healthcare With Artificial Intelligence


July 2021
One of Dr. Yanamadala's passions is improving outcomes for patients with spinal disorders. He has worked with a team of researchers to implement artificial intelligence and machine learning based tools to identify and treat patients with spinal tumors early and give them better outcomes.

Spinal Deformity Surgery


June 2021
Dr. Yanamadala performed a 16 hour surgery to correct a major spinal deformity for Mr. Thomas Denihan. Mr. Denihan tells his story of how he sought care from several surgeons who told him nothing could be done for him and he would be living in a disabled state for the rest of his life.

Dr. Yanamadala Speaks About Complex Spine Surgery


April 2021
Dr. Yanamadala speaks about advances in spine surgery that have made complex spine surgeries safer and more effective than ever before.

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