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As a practicing surgeon, Dr. Yanamadala has published over sixty manuscripts on safe effective spine surgery. His research has focused on reducing complications and using multidisciplinary care paradigms to bring appropriate safe care to patients. Avoiding unnecessary surgery and tailoring treatment to the patient's needs is Dr. Yanamadala's primary focus. Please click here to see Dr. Yanamadala's full list of publications or see below for some highlights.


Improving Safety in Complex Spine Surgery

August 2020

Complex spine surgery carries a high complication rate that can produce suboptimal outcomes for patients undergoing these extensive operations. However, multidisciplinary pathways introduced at multiple institutions have demonstrated a promising potential toward reducing the burden of complications in patients being treated for spinal deformities. See this paper.


Multidisciplinary Care Avoids Unnecessary Surgery

September 2017

Multidisciplinary conferences can reduce the utilization of lumbar spinal fusion, possibly resulting in more appropriate use of surgical interventions with better candidate selection while providing patients with more diverse nonoperative treatment options. See this paper.


Novel Techniques in Complex Spine Surgery

August 2017

The novel multistaged approach that Dr. Yanamadala uses for the correction of spinal deformity is associated with superior outcomes, fewer complications, and better patient satisfaction compared to older techniques. See this paper.

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